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Friday, September 28, 2007

Call for Submissions: Common Ties.

Genre(s): Personal stories. Prose/spoken word, 750 to 1,500 words.

Welcome to the back pages of the Gilbert Wesley Purdy Online Bibliography. Rather than merely use a few pages for the Bibliography I have decided to begin posting calls for submissions again. I will be posting information about literary and arts competitions, as well. So you may want to subscribe to the Bibliography RSS (or Atom) in order to get the latest information. If you wish to have your own call for submissions or competition posted, contact me at A confirming link may be required in order to post your notice. I will include all notices the I have time to post.

Oh, and I hope you will stop in at the Hyperlinked Internet Bibliography page, as well. Perhaps you will find something of interest there.

Publisher: Common Ties.
Publication: Common Ties.
Genre(s): Personal stories. Prose/spoken word, 750 to 1,500 words.
Payment: $100 to $200 per story. An additional $150 should recording of story be accepted.
Date Call Issued: N/A.
Deadline: Common Ties calls out for stories based on weekly themes. Future themes (and due dates) include: Iraq and Afghanistan wars (October 2); Birds and the bees (coming of age) (October 9); Obesity; and other weight issues (October 16); Workplace mistakes (October 23).
Publication Date: See notice.

Comments: "No topic is off-limits. We look for personal stories that are in some way emotionally compelling - stories that make us gasp, giggle, cry, or cheer. Stories that do this can range from the subtle to the sensational, but tend to work better when describing a single event, rooted in a time and place, as opposed to a decades-long memoir. We always look for a hook toward the top of the story that hints at the outcome and holds suspense, compelling us to read more."

Full notice available at: