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II. Online Journalism
III. Online Poetry
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I. Featured Items

**Strange Catalogues (Book Review). Space, in Chains by Laura Kasischke. Copper Canyon Press. 2011. Eclectica.
** Upright words sound upside down (Book Review). Lao-tzu's Taoteching, trsl. by Red Pine. Copper Canyon Press, 2009. Eclectica.
**Langan, BlazeVOX... and a sense of the comical? (Book Review). Meet Me at the Happy Bar by Steve Langan. BlazeVOX, 2009. Eclectica.
**"...a bit of a misfit like me..." (Book Review). The Awakener by Helen Weaver. City Lights, 2009. Eclectica.
**"Gacela of Unforeseen Love" and "Casida of the Branches" by Federico Garcia Lorca. (Translation/Poetry). Jacket Magazine .
**Toward the South Country (Movie Review). Grass: A Nation's Battle for Life. Directed by Merian C. Cooper & Ernest B. Schoedsack. Image Entertainment, 2000. Eclectica.

II. Online Journalism

Alberto Cutie Enters the Episcopal Church with Ruhama Canellis by his Side (Article). Biscayne Bay Review Keywords: cameras, Ruhama Buni Canellis, clergy, Alberto Cutie, Deacon, Diocese of Southeast Florida, Bishop Leo Frade, Italian mosaics, media, pews, Roman Catholic priest, transept, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral.
Brokered Republican Convention in '08? (Article). TPMCafe. No longer posted.
Congressional Leadership Knew The Catalyzer Journal. Keywords: Rodney Alexander, John Boehner, Congressman, Mark Foley, Dennis Hastert, John Kildee, National Republican Congressional Committee, Tom Reynolds, Roll Call, John Shimkus, Talking Points Memo, Jeff Trandahl.
Context Haiti 05/02/04 The Catalyzer Journal. Keywords: Herard Abraham; Joseph Jean Baptist; Winter Etienne; FRAPH; Gerard Latortue; Raboteau massacre; Jean Tatoun; Ferdinand Wilfort.
Context Haiti: 04/10/04 The Catalyzer Journal. Keywords: Boniface Alexander; Amnesty International; Andre "Andy" Apaid; Civil Society; Caribbean Community Secretariat (CARICOM); cocaine; Wilfort Ferdinand (Ti Will); James Foley; Reynold Georges; Me Alexander Paul; Jesse Lee Peterson; Himmler Rebu; Maxine Waters.
Context Haiti 03/25/04 The Catalyzer Journal. Keywords: Herard Abraham; Henri Bazin; Josette Bijoux; Boca Raton, Florida; Pierre Buteau; Adeline Magloire Chancy; Lamartine Clermont; Council of Sages; Paul Denis; Flashpoints; Bernard Gousse; Adamo Guino; Ariel Henry; International Monetary Fund (IMF); Anne-Marie Issa; Mac Donald Jean; Daniele Magloire; Philippe Mathieu; Miami, Florida; Smark Michel; Organization of American States (OAS); Evans Paul; Christian Rousseau; Daniel Saint-Lot; Yvon Simeon; Paul Emile Simon; United Nations; Leslie Voltaire; Yves Andre Wainwright.
Election 2004 Primer (Part 1): A Matter of Philosophy. The Catalyzer Journal. No longer posted.
Election 2004 Primer (Part 2): A Matter of Approach. The Catalyzer Journal. No longer posted.
Election 2004 Primer (Part 3): The Best Laid Plans... The Catalyzer Journal. No longer posted.
Election 2004 Primer (Part 4): In the Trenches. The Catalyzer Journal. No longer posted.
Election 2004 Primer (Part 5): Cocaine. The Catalyzer Journal. No longer posted.
Florida Anti-Gay Marriage Forces Declare Constitutional Emergency (Article) TPMCafe. No longer posted.
The Florida Democratic Un-Primary Turns Meaningful (Commentary) TPMCafe. No longer posted. Keywords:
Foley Resigns, Much More to Come The Catalyzer Journal Keywords: ABC News, Rodney Alexander, Congress, Congressman, e-mail, Florida's 16th District, GOP, House Page Board, male page, Nancy Pelosi, Thomas Reynolds, Roll Call, John Shimkus, U. S. House of Representatives.
From the Trenches: the Palanca Food Pantry (Article) Virtual Grub Street. Keywords: appeal; Associated Press; banking sector; Ben Bernanke; central banks; court case; credit markets; credit ratings; Dow Jones; electricity, equity markets; Federal Reserve; fixed income; gas; healthcare; Home Depot; homeless; insurance; labor halls; Lake Worth, Florida; minimum-wage; mortgage crisis; panhandlers; safety net; shelter; stimulus package; subcontractors; stock market; tax cut; trailers; unemployment; utilities bills; Westgate Tabernacle; working poor; world markets.
From the Trenches: the Palanca Food Pantry (Article) TPMCafe. No longer posted.
From the Trenches: Primary Experience (Article) Virtual Grub Street. Keywords:
From the Trenches: Primary Experience (Article) TPMCafe. No longer posted.
Gay Republican Congressman Confronted Foley in 2000 The Catalyzer Journal Keywords: Clerk of the House, Korenna Cline, Congressman, Florida, Mark Foley, Karen Hass, Internet, John Kolbe, page, Representative.
Hastert Says He May Have Been Told The Catalyzer Journal Keywords: Congressman, John Davis, e-mail, Mark Foley, GOP, Dennis Hastert, National Republican Congressional Committee, New York's 26th District, Thomas Reynolds, Speaker of the House, teenage boy.
The Little Guy Gets His The Catalyzer Journal. No longer posted.
Man-Boy Love Advocate Accused of Using Wikipedia to Troll for Interested Parties (Article). Rookie Revolyob, Clayboy, Zanthalon, et al: Why is Wikpedia a Pedophile Haven? Eye Online. Keywords:
A Mandate To Do Whooo-wut? The Catalyzer Journal. No longer posted.
Manufacturing Consent The Catalyzer Journal. No longer posted.
Mark Foley the Day After The Catalyzer Journal. Keywords: 

Mark Foley and the Florida Legislature's Page Program: a Scarey Thought The Catalyzer Journal. Keywords:
Mark Foley Scandal Expands on New ABC Report The Catalyzer Journal. Keywords:
Mark Foley Scandal To Go Nuclear in the Week Ahead The Catalyzer Journal. No longer posted. Keywords:
Miami Cult Member Selling Ruhama Canellis Dot Com (Article). Biscayne Bay Review.
The Revolution Proceeds Apace The Catalyzer Journal. No longer posted. Keywords:
The Theater of Coup: Roger Noriega and "The Opposition" The Catalyzer Journal. No longer posted.
The Theater of Coup: Roger Noriega and "The Opposition" Haiti Action. Keywords: Andre Apaid; Jean-Bertrand Aristide; Rudolph Boulos; Bush Administration; Dominican Republic; Gonaives; Group of 184; Haitian Democracy Project; International Republican Institute; Guy Philippe; Port Au Prince; Republican Party.
The Theater of Coup: Who is Guy Philippe? The Catalyzer Journal. No longer posted.
The Theater of Coup: Who is Guy Philippe? Haiti Action. Keywords: Jean-Bertrand Aristide; Democratic Convergence; Fanmil Lavalas; FRAPH; Group of 184; Haiti Democracy Project; International Republican Institute (IRI); Movement for National Unity; National Endowment for Democracy (NED).
Tom DeLay’s Old Sock Puppet Calls It Quits. (Article). TPMCafe. No longer posted. Keywords:
The United States On The Road To Being Third World Country (Article). TPMCafe. No longer posted. Keywords:
Where the Strange Worlds of Fundamentalism and Homelessnesss Meet and The Kanawha County Uprising of 1974. The Catalyzer Journal. Keywords: 1974; anti-abortion; Avis Hill; Avis Hill Band; Avis Hill Ministries; Bible; Bishop; Charleston Daily Mail; Constitution; day labor; Fundamentalism; gay sex; homeless; homeless shelter; Florida; Marvin Horan; Kanawha County; Sherry McGee-Hill; minimum-wage; minister; National Coalition for the Homeless; Oasis; Palm Beach County; panhandling; prison; Progressivism; Protestant; public nuisance; realtor; Rhode Island; salvation; scripture; Seattle; Barry Silver; trespassing; Washington; West Palm Beach; West Virginia; Westgate Tabernacle.
Will Poor Market Day Affect Super Tuesday Outcomes? (Article). Daily Kos. Keywords:
Why This Must Not Be War. The Catalyzer Journal. No longer posted. Keywords:
Why This Must Not Be War. Clamor Magazine. No longer posted.
With Florida Tied Behind Our Back! (Commentary). Virtual Grub Street. Keywords: caucus; Alvaro Cifuentes; Howard Dean; Democrat; Democratic National committee (DNC); Florida Democratic Party; Election Commission; Lane Hudson; Huffington Post; Iowa; Iraq; January 29th; Frank LaMere; Bel Leong-Hong; Nevada; New Hampshire; nominating process; pre-window period; primary; President; Republican; Virgie Rollins; Rules and Bylaws committee; South Carolina; Rick Stafford; swing-state; voter turnout.
With Florida Tied Behind Our Back! (Commentary). TPMCafe. No longer posted.


III. Online Poetry

Mark Hanna Under Starry Skies55 MadonnaAll Info About Poetry. No longer posted.
American CafeThe Danforth Review.
Anaktoria on the StoopMonadnock Review.
The Cardinal Del Monte's CollectionPolyphony. No longer posted. Keywords: Michelangelo Amerighi da Caravaggio.
The Hordes. Polyphony. No longer posted.
Love's Discipline. All Info About Poetry. No longer posted. Keywords: Rachel Marie Purdy
Palm Beaches Review.
Mark Hanna Under Starry Skies and Poetry 2000TM. Cosmoetica.
A Meeting of the Garden Club. All Info About Poetry. No longer posted.
On First Looking into Lowell's Notebooks. Limestone Magazine. Keywords: Robert Lowell; William Meredith; Sylvia Plath; Anne Sexton; Paul Valery.
Poetry 2000TM. Virtual Grub Street.
Professor Tograth's Seminar. Polyphony. No longer posted. Keywords: Guillaume Apollinaire.
Seed. Consciousness, Literature and the Arts.
September 12th, 2001. The Catalyzer Journal. No longer posted.
Storm. Consciousness, Literature and the Arts.
Tintoretto's Paradise. Monadnock Review. Keywords: Jacopo Robusti.
Victory Garden. The Catalyzer Journal. No longer posted.

IV. Online Translation
"Gacela of Unforeseen Love" and "Casida of the Branches" by Federico Garcia Lorca (Translation/Poetry). Jacket Magazine .
Four Poems by Ungaretti. (Poetry) All Info About Poetry. No longer posted.
How Fill with Joy, Happy and Well-Informed... by Michelangelo Buonarroti. (Poetry). Virtual Grub Street.
The Infinite by Giacomo Leopardi. (Poetry). Virtual Grub Street.
To Himself by Giacomo Leopardi. (Poetry). Virtual Grub Street.
Gacela of the Dead Boy and Gacela of the Terrible Presence by Federico Garcia Lorca (Poetry). Cipher Journal.
Gacela of Distracted Love by Federico Garcia Lorca (Poetry).
Palm Beaches Review.
Gacela of the Memory of Love by Federico Garcia Lorca (Poetry).
Palm Beaches Review.
Vanity by Giuseppe Ungaretti. (Poetry). Poetry International (San Diego State University) companion web site.

V. Online Essays / Obits / Memorials
Aime Cesaire Dies at 94 (Memorial). Daily Kos. Keywords: 1955; Agora Vox; Caribbean; Civil Rights Movement; Fort-de-France; Martinican parliament; Martinique; Mississippi; négritude; Barack Obama; "...On the State of the Union"; Pierre-Aliker Stadium; President Sarkozy; Sylvain Rakotoarison; Emmett Till.
Between Zero and a Hard Place. Jacket Magazine. Keywords: Wystan Hugh Auden; Roland Barthes; bourgeois; Brave New World; Capitalism; Communism; Eugene Debs; Declaration of Independence; egalitarianism; Gustave Flaubert; Allen Ginsberg; Gulag Archipelago; lithium-carbonate; Jack Kerouac; Robert Lowell; Stephen Mallarme; Me-Generation; John Stuart Mill; Henry Miller; psychiatry; Arthur Rimbaud; Percy Bysshe Shelley; Adam Smith; Gary Snyder; supply-and-demand; The Wealth of Nations; Walt Whitman; Writing Degree Zero.
The 'Curse' of Salemi. Point and Circumference. Keywords: agenda; Matthew Arnold; Wystan Hugh Auden; William Blake; Geoffrey Chaucer; conservative; Abraham Cowley; Dante (Alighieri); Robert Darling; Sir John Davies; De Rerum Natura; didactic poetry; discursive; John Donne; elegy; Thomas Stearns Eliot; Expansive Poetry; Expansive Poetry & Music Online; fable; fairytale; Fulke Greville; Hesiod: Adolf Hitler; Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus); ideology; Thomas Gray; liberal; Lucretius (Titus Lucretius Carus); Martial (Marcus Valerius Martialis); John Milton; Modernism; Benito Mussolini; Paradise Lost; Alexander Pope; Post-Modernism; propaganda; religious poetry; Doctor Joseph S. Salemi; John Skelton; Joseph Stalin; Alfred Tennyson; Francois Villon; John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester.
The 'Curse' of Salemi. The Catalyzer Journal. No longer posted.
Dr. Salemi's Obituary and the Consumption of Poetry. Cosmoetica. Keywords: Anthologia della Letteratura Italiana; commodification; democracy; egalitarianism; Electronic Poetry Center; Ralph Waldo Emerson; globalization; homogenization; Internet Library of Early Journals; Internet Public Library; Literature of the French Middle Ages; Luminarium; marketization; Mundo Latino Cultura; narcissism; The National Writers Union; Oxford University; Perseus Project; political correctness; Portentous Hush; Joseph S. Salemi; Adam Smith; Soldiers', Sailors', Marines', and Airmens' Club of Manhattan; Tertullian Homepage; Tufts University; University of Buffalo; University of Toronto.
The Elegy and the Internet.
. Virtual Grub Street. Keywords: alchemy; Aldine Edition; alembic; Ashmolean Museum; John Aubrey; Thomas Browne; Robert Burns; Cambridge University; Chamber's Cyclopedia; Robert Chambers; John Clare; George Crabbe; William Collins; Oliver Cromwell; Guy Davenport; Peter Dronke; Robert Frost; Thomas Hardy; William Drummond of Hawthornden; "Elegy Written in a Country Church-yard"; Norman J. Endicott; Nicholas Flammel; "The Hamlet"; G. B. Harrison; Michael Hunter; Ben Jonson; John Keats; Edward King; Lawrence and Bullen; Robert Lowell; "Lycidas"; Edgar Lee Masters; mercer; Metaphysical Poets; John Milton; Reverend John Mitford; "Monody of Queen Caroline"; Ernest G. Mossner; W. A. Neilson; "Ode to Evening"; Henry Oldenburg; C. T. Onions; Petrarch; Robert Plot; printing press; Pseudodoxia Epidemica or Epidemic of False Beliefs; Pye-Corner; Religio Medici; Edwin Arlington Robinson; Samuel Rogers; A. L. Rowse; Carl Sandburg; Charles Scribner's Sons; scriviner; William Shakespeare; Percy Bysshe Shelley; Sun and Bible; Theocritus; Richard Tomlins; Virgil; William C. Ward; Joseph Warton; Thomas Warton; K. G. T. Webster; Max Wehrli; Richard West.
The Enigma of W. D. Snodgrass. Elimae. Keywords: Imiri Baraka; Beat poetry; Sir Toby Belch; confessional poetry; Flagler College; G. I. Plan; Allen Ginsberg; Dr. Carl Horner; Indian reservations; Naziism; Pulitzer Prize; St. Augustine, Florida; San Miguel, Mexico; Shakespeare; Third Reich; Lily Tomlin; traditional forms; John Wheelwright; World War II.
The Enigma of W. D. Snodgrass. Limestone Magazine.
Guy Davenport's Memorial Service Was Held This Morning.. Virtual Grub Street. Keywords: Albany; arboretum; Asperger's Syndrome; John Aubrey; Beeminster the Opossum; Capitol District; Capitol Plaza; Dove and Hudson Books; Dutch-English architecture; Eclogues; Elimae; Every Force Evolves a Form; Fessor; Flagler College; Florida; Het nieuve wereldbeeld; Indian summer; January; Hugh Kenner; Lake Worth; Lexington; New York; The Outsiders; Paracelsus; Pasht; St. Augustine; Shakespeare in the Park; Smith-Corona; University of Kentucky; Dan Wedge; Colin Wilson; word processor.
Het Nieuve Wereldbeeld: the Magical World of Guy Davenport. Elimae. Keywords: Balthus; Samuel Butler; Castor and Pollux; Cubism; Dadaism; De Stijl; Robert Delaunay; Erewhon; Maurits Cornelis Escher; Leonardo Fibonacci; Charles Fourier; Adriaan Floris van Hovendaal; Franz Kafka; Peter Kropotkin; Lucien Levi-Bruhl; Lucretius (Titus Lucretius Carus); Piet Mondriaan; quagga; Gerrit Rietveld; John Ruskin; George Santayana; Gertrude Stein; Surrealism.
Jon Norman: Tortured Enfant Anti-Hero. (Essay). Virtual Grub Street. Keywords:
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree! The Catalyzer Journal. No longer posted. Keywords: Abraham; Adonis; aleph; Ana; Assyrian; Aton-Attis; Attis; Ba'al; Babylonians; Ba-el; beth; Boaz; Canaanite; Carthage; Celt; cherubim; Christ; Christmas; Druid; Dzryaus-el; Dzyaus; Dyaus-Pitar; Easter; Egyptian; El; Gaul; gemel; graven image; Hebron; idol; Indo-European; Ireland; Isaiah; Ja'chin; Jerusalem; Joshua; Julius Caesar; Jupiter; Kelt; Lebanon; Leviticus; Lucan; Mater; Melchizedek; mistletoe; Old Testament; Pagan; Palestine; Persia; Phoenicians; pomegranates; Scandinavia; Semite; Syria; Temple of Solomon; Ur of the Chaldeans; vernal equinox; winter solstice; Yaweh; Zeus.
True Stone and Epitaph: the Poetry of Pablo Neruda. Eclectica. Keywords: C.I.A., P.E.N. Club, Raphael Alberti, Salvador Allende, Tupac Amaru, Andes Mountans, Argentina, Richard Reyes Basoalto, Charles Baudelaire, Barcelona, Robert Bly, Buenos Aires, Burma, Truman Capote, Fidel Castro, Luis Cernuda, Ceylon, Chile, Communist Party, consul, coup, diplomatic corps, Djibouti, Paul Eluard, Fascism, Forrest Gander, France, Mahatma Gandhi, Rita Guibert, Robert Hass, House of Flowers, imperialism, India, Inter-American Development Bank, Isla Negra, Java, John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Henry Kissinger, Edward Korry, La Chascona, La International, La Moneda, Federico Garcia Lorca, Archibald MacLeish, Madrid, Charles Manson, Stephen Mitchell, Mexico, Nehru, New York City, Richard Nixon, Nobel Prize, Bernardo O'Higgins, Toussaint L'Ouverture, Panhindu Congress of 1929, Parral, Paris, Pablo Picasso, Augusto Pinochet, Popular Unity Party, Marcel Proust, Rangoon, Alastair Reid, Ranier Maria Rilke, Arthur Rimbaud, Santiago, Ramon Gomez de la Serna, Shanghai, Chiang Kai Shek, Singapore, South America, soviet, Spain, Spanish Civil War, Stanford University Center for Latin American Studies, Stockholm, Sweden, Temuco, United States, U. S. Export-Import Bank, U. S. State Department, Gabriel Gonzales Videla, Vietnam War, Walt Whitman, World Bank, World War II.

VI. Online Interviews
An Interview with Olga Magieres (Interview). Eclectica. Keywords: abstract; Lotte Anker; Alban Berg; Berlin; Jakob Bjoern; classical music; Common Knowledge; CD (compact disk); Copenhagen; Copenhagen Jazz Festival; Denmark; Duke University; e-mail; Encounter; ensemble; expatriate; experimental music; Peter Friis Nielsen; Tetsuo Furudate; grant money; improvisational music; instant composition; Japanese; jazz; July; June; Joel Leonard Katz; Martin Klapper; MAF trio; musical toys; noise; Henrik Nordbrandt; Nordic mythology; Our Flying Objects; Piano & Poetry; quartet; Harold Rubin; Salon Olga; saxophone; score; Arnold Schoenberg; Skraep; stage; States of Mind; Stockholm; Tel Aviv; Tokyo; Wednesday I; White Night Festival; Hugo Wolff; Grzegorz Wroblewski; YouTube.

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VII. Online Book Reviews (Poetry)
After the Lightning Strike (Book Review). The Lichtenberg Figures by Ben Lerner. Copper Canyon Press, 2004. Eclectica.. Keywords:
Ah, the Beloved (Book Review / Essay). Concerning The Book That Is The Body Of The Beloved by Gregory Orr. Copper Canyon Press, 2005. Jacket Magazine. Keywords: After Sex Mints; American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors & Therapists (AASECT); amphetamine addict; Guillaume Apollinaire; archetypical; Jacqueline Bisset; William Blake; Buddhist; childbirth; Chinese; Christian Gospel of John; Clinical Sexologist; conversion experience; Delphi; Egyptian; Emily Dickinson; erotic gift set; evangelical zeal; Flavored Condoms; Florida; Ft. Lauderdale; freedom riders; GiGong; Deborah Eve Grayson; greek; Haiti; High Quality Lubricant; hunting accident; Hyatt Regency Hotel; infection; Isis; Rafael Jenes; keynote speaker; Licensed Mental Health Counselor; lyric poetry; Miramar; Missouri; mistress; mystical literature; mystical terms; National Association of Poetry Therapists (NAPT); neo-Platonic Gnosticism; Nile; obsession; Online Orgy; Osiris; Prophetic Books; psychic dismemberment; psychological scars; Relationship Counselor; St. Louis; secular; Sex, Lives & Videotape; Sex Therapist; sexuality; Sexy Love Vouchers; Larry Siegel; Silky Pleasure Wipes; South Beach; spiritual principle; Taoist; therapeutic; therapy; The Third Century; Thomas Traherne; trauma; Venus Dreams Productions; Venus Dreams Society; vernacular; white supremacists; Walt Whitman; William Wordsworth; The 2005 Guide to Great Sex.
American Gothic. Delights and Shadows by Ted Kooser. Copper Canyon Press, 2004. Valparaiso Poetry Review. Keywords: applesauce; balloon-frame house; bib overalls; blue jeans; casting reel; construction kit; cosmetics; Guy Davenport; denim; Eldon; Egypt; Elkander; England; Europe; flail; floor plan; France; Robert Frost; instant coffee; gingerbread Victorian; Great Depression; Great Plains; Iowa; Italy; J. C. Penny's; pitchfork; Latin; Levi Strauss; Lobocraspis griseifusa; mail order; midwest; moth; Nebraska; neo-Classical; Nomes; nylon; railroad; Herbert Spencer; train; United States; Venice; Vietnamese; wheelchair; Grant Wood; working mother.
The Art of Artlessness. Tasting the Dark: New and Selected Poems by George Amabile. J. Gordon Shillingford/The Muses Company, 2001. Eclectica. Keywords: Guillaume Apollinaire; Robert Delaunay; Marcel Duchamp; Walker Evans; Robert Frost; Alfred Kreymborg; Dorothea Lange; L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E poetry; Ezra Pound; Wallace Stevens; William Carlos Williams; William Butler Yeats.
Avoiding Those Who Deliver Letters. (Book Review). Our Flying Objects by Grzegorz Wroblewski. Equipage, 2007. These Extraordinary People by Grzegorz Wroblewski. Erbacce Press, 2008. Eclectica.
The Belle of Goshen (Book Review). What Love Comes To: New and Selected Poems by Ruth Stone. Copper Canyon Press. 2008. Rattle.
Brisk Leaps the Heart. Chapters into Verse ed. by Robert Atwan and Lawrence Wieder. Oxford University Press, 1995, 2000. The Language of Spring ed. by Robert Atwan. Beacon Press, 2003. All Info About Poetry. Keywords: G. K. Chesterton; William Cowper; Richard Crashaw; e. e. cummings; Emily Dickinson; John Donne; John Dryden; Anthony Hecht; George Herbert; Robert Herrick; Geoffrey Hill; Gerard Manley Hopkins; Laura Riding Jackson; James Weldon Johnson; James Joyce; Claude McKay; Aileen Kelley; King James Bible; Rudyard Kipling; Maxine Kumin; Denise Levertov; Thomas Merton; W. S. Merwin; Edna St. Vincent Millay; John Milton; Marianne Moore; Old Testament; Sylvia Plath; Ezra Pound; Francis Quarles; Lizette Woodworth Reese; Christopher Smart; Dylan Thomas; Thomas Traherne; Derek Walcott.
By Way of Sarajevo. Immigrant Blues by Goran Simic. London, Ontario: Brick Books, 2003. Rain Taxi. Keywords: Jorge Luis Borges; Bosnia; Czeslaw Milosz; Pablo Neruda.
Charm School (Book Review). More Than Peace and Cypresses by Cyrus Cassells. Copper Canyon Press, 2004. Eclectica. Keywords:
Closing Thoughts (Book Review). The Memory Orchard by Tim Bowling. Brick Books, 2005. Eclectica. Keywords:
Desperately Seeking Sylvia (Book Review). Wedding Day by Dana Levin. Copper Canyon Press, 2003. Eclectica. Keywords:
Doc Pereira. Saying the World by Peter Pereira. Copper Canyon Press, 2003. Eclectica. Keywords: Cambodia; Hayden Carruth Award; gay lifestyle; Sam Hamill; Heimlich maneuver; Gregory Orr; phowa; Pol Pot; Renaissance; William Carlos Williams.
Dutiful (Book Review). The Armillary Sphere by Ann Hudson. Ohio University Press, 2006. Eclectica. Keywords:
Elbows and Toads (Book Review). The Theater of Night by Alberto Rios. Copper Canyon Press, 2005. Eclectica. Keywords:
Erin Belieu Does the Poetry Bus and Other Associated Necrophilia (Book Review). Black Box by Erin Belieu. Copper Canyon Press, 2006. Eclectica. Keywords:
Eye of the Beholder. eye: poems & retina prints by Elizabeth Goldring. BkMk Press, 2002. Virtual Grub Street. The text of this review is hyperlinked to provide an accompanying slide show. Keywords: Bauhaus; Umberto Boccioni; Charles Bukowski; Center for Advanced Visual Studies (MIT); Marcel Duchamp; Paul Earls; Nahum Gabo; Gyorgy Kepes; Hilton Kramer; Lyn Lifshin; Laszlo Moholy-Nagy; Eadweard Muybridge; Otto Piene; proliferative retinopathy; scanning laser ophthalmoscope; Sky Art.
Eye of the Beholder. eye: poems & retina prints by Elizabeth Goldring. BkMk Press, 2002. Sidereality.
Excursus (Book Review). Path, Crooked Path by John Balaban. Copper Canyon Press, 2007. Eclectica. Keywords:
For Good Measure. The Secret Language of Women by A. M. Juster. Indiana: The University of Evansville Press, 2003. Eclectica. Keywords: W. H. Auden; William and Mona Baer; Charles Baudelaire; Robert Daseler; Rhina Espaillat; University of Evansville Press; X. J. Kennedy; Len Krisak; James Merrill; Howard Nemerov; Nemerov Sonnet Award; Francesco Petrarch; A. E. Stallings; West Chester University; Richard Wilbur Award.
From whence comes war.... Disarmament by John Terpstra. Gaspereau Press, 2003. The Danforth Review. Keywords: Anglicanism; George Gordon, Lord Byron; Christianity; Sigmund Freud; Robert Frost; Hamilton, Ontario; narcissism; neo-Populism; Romanticism; Percy Bysshe Shelley; Alfred North Whitehead; Edmund Wilson.
Fruitful Cluter. In the Dark by Ruth Stone. Copper Canyon Press, 2004. Eclectica. Keywords: bathos; Binghampton; Elizabeth Bishop; blind; counterpoint; creative writing; deaf; Emily Dickinson; fable; Jan Freeman; Goshen; gypsy; issue-oriented; Mother's Day; New York; Sharon Olds; poetry; single mother; solitude; suicide; Vermont.
Garbo Brushes Her Teeth! Gilbert & Garbo In Love: A Romance in Poems by Christopher Conlon. The Word Works, Inc., 2003. Keywords: Achilles; Adonis; alcoholism; Nicholas Cage; Dionysos; Greta Garbo; Jack Gilbert; Antoni Gronowicz; Herakles; Hollywood; Madonna; Norman Mailer; Louis B. Mayer; Jim Morrison; nephritis; Laurence Olivier; Janice Olson; Peace Corps; Sean Penn; Pope John Paul II; Elvis Presley; Arnold Schwarzenegger; Mauritz Stiller; Tamuz; Rudolph Valentino; Venus. different the world has become... Secrets of Weather and Hope (2001) and Mortal Arguments (2003) by Sue Sinclair. Brick Books. The Danforth Review. Keywords: animism; Venessa Bell; Guy Davenport; Dionysos; Duino Elegies; hobbyism; hoof-and-mouth disease; Munich, Germany; nature morte; Paris, France; patronage; Rainer Maria Rilke; Sonnets to Orpheus; Schloss Berg, Switzerland; still life; The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge; Princess Maria von Thurn und Taxis-Hohenlohe; Leonard Woolf; Virginia Woolf; World War I.
If You Have A Niche Scratch It. Alfred Dorn's chapbooks From Cells to Mindspace Somers Rocks Press, 1997 and Voices from Rooms Somers Rocks Press, 1997. Monadnock Review. Keywords: Able Muse; Dante Alighieri; University of Arkansas Press; William Baer; Thomas Carew; Guido Cavalcante; Robert Daseler; Rhina P. Espaillat; Dana Gioia; John Hollander; Donald Justice; X. J. Kennedy; Arthur Mortensen; Howard Nemerov; neo-formalism; Joseph S. Salemi; Timothy Steele; Gail White; Richard Wilbur; World Order of Narrative and Formalist Poets.
In Two Senses. Eight Pale Women by James C. Hopkins. Word Works, Inc., 2003. Eclectica. Keywords: An Artificial Wilderness; attention span; Sven Birkerts; literacy; sensory deprivation; smell; taste; television; touch; violence.
The Intifadah of a Personal Humanity. So What: New & Selected Poems, 1971-2005 by Taha Muhammad Ali. Translated by Peter Cole, Yahya Hijazi and Gabriel Levin.Copper Canyon Press, 2006. Eclectica.
Mr. Pereira's Neighborhood (Book Review). What's Written on the Body by Peter Pereira. Copper Canyon Press, 2007. Eclectica. Keywords: American Sign Language (ASL); anagram; azalea; Bible; bistro; Buddha; Burlington Northern train; Cambodia; chapbook; community center; community service hours; conspicuous subsumption; crepe; daffodil; Daniel Dennet; desensitization; diagnosis; doctor; drugs; Dutch Renaissance; English; espaliered apple; Florida; Friday Community Meal; fugue; garden; Hayden Carruth Award; Health District ID card; Holy Redeemer Episcopal Church; human suffering; mail-call ; hyacinth; Internal Revenue Service (IRS); jazz music; Khmer Rouge; Leave It to Beaver; lobelia; loitering; Friedrich Nietzsche; Mendelssohn Violin Concerto; mortgage; Jose Ortega y Gasset; Palanca Food Pantry; pear tree; portraitist; pot; Marcel Proust; public library; pun; medicine; patient; police; prayer; psyche; Ravenna; Route 5; Servants of the Great I Am; Senior Center; Serafina; sex; Shakespeare DVD; sitcom; slang; soccer; Spanish; star magnolia; suburbanite; terrorist attack; thrift store; translation software; tulip; University of Washington; utilities; West Palm Beach magnet school; West Seattle Bridge; World Trade Center.
The Mississinewa County School of Poetry (Book Review). Cross This Bridge at a Walk by Jared Carter. Wind Publications, 2007. Eclectica. Keywords:
More Mortal Accolades (Book Review). The Girl with Bees in Her Hair by Eleanor Rand Wilner. Copper Canyon Press, 2004. Eclectica. Keywords:
Murdering Myself for a Living. Christening the Dancer by John Amen. Uccelli Press, 2003. Eclectica. Keywords: Guillaume Apollinaire; Andre Breton; Luis Bunuel; Salvador Dali; Luis de Gongora; Federico Garcia Lorca; Madrid Arts Club; Ramon Gomez de la Serna; surrealism.
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VIII. Online Book Reviews (Prose)
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IX. CD & DVD Reviews Baraka Directed by Ron Fricke. (Movie Review). Eclectica. Keywords: 70mm; aboriginal Australians; Allah; American West; anthill; The Arches National Park; armored vehicles; Auschwitz; bag pipes; Bali; "Blessing"; Brazil; Buddha; cacophony; Calcutta; camera; carnage; China; cistern; cityscapes; drums; Eastern Orthodox; empire; emperor; Far East; featurette; hot spring; garbage dump; Saddam Hussien; Indonesia; Iraq; Japan; Java; Jewish song of lament; Kathmandu; Kayapo; Kecak Dance; Konya; Khmer Rouge; Kuwaiti oil fields; Kyoto; Laos; lodge; Luxor; Mark Magidson; Monkey Temple; monoliths; Mt Bromo; Near East; Nepal; New York; Persian mausoleum; poverty; salvage; Samsara; Sao Paolo; simian; snow monkeys; South America; Michael Stearns; soldiers; Sufi; Swayambhunath Stupa; terracotta army of Qin; Tibetan water music; time-lapse; Tokyo; tribe; Turkey; untouchables; Utah; violin; volcano; votive candles; whirling dervishes; Xi'an; Yanomami; YouTube; Zen meditation garden;
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Toward the South Country (Movie Review).Grass: A Nation's Battle for Life. Directed by Merian C. Cooper & Ernest B. Schoedsack. Image Entertainment, 2000. Eclectica. Keywords:

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