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Sunday, July 08, 2007

iii. Link List to Journals Cited

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All Info About Poetry (Editor: Paula Bardell). This is a poetry and poetry news commercial site with a quasi-bi-weekly newsletter. It is published from the vicinity of London, U.K.

The Catalyzer Journal (Editor: Ben Regenspan). This blog/journal is politically engaged and generally looks for news items, reviews, art and poetry that is also. It is published out of Ithica, N.Y.
Consciousness, Literature and the Arts (Editor: Daniel Meyer-Dinkgräfe). "The journal provides a forum for new work relating the arts and literature to the exploration of consciousness currently flourishing in many disciplines such as philosophy, cognitive science, psychology, neuroscience, computer science, and physics.... The journal publishes both scholarly, critical work and creative-artistic material."

Cosmoetica (Editor: Dan Schneider). This is a Bad Dog site largely offering poetry and poetry criticism by Dan Scheider and his wife. It does take submissions, however, and Schneider is a straightforward, no nonsense editor. It has published the likes of George Dickerson, Clayon Eshleman and Frederick Turner. It is published from the greater Twin Cities area of Minnesota.
The Danforth Review (Editor-in-Chief: Michael Bryson; Poetry Editor: Geoffrey Cook; Fiction Review Editor: Anthony Metivier; Poetry Review Editor: Erin Gouthro). This journal has rapidly grown to be one of the prime locations for reviewing books published by Canadian authors. It also offers essays, poetry and short stories. It publishes out of Toronto, Ontario.

Eclectica (Editors-in-Chief: Tom Dooley and Julie King; Book Review Editor: Collen Mondor; Poetry Editors: Julie King and John Reinhard; Miscellany and Nonfiction Editor: Paul Sampson; Travel Editor: Michael Spice). Offers some of the better work in poetry and prose (short stories, essays, reviews) on the net.

Elimae (Editor: Cooper Renner). A minimalist site that also serves as a web outlet for some of Gordon Lish's one-time acolytes. The fiction and essays tend to be quite short. The poetry ranges from Jack-Gilbert-influenced to neo-Imagistic. It is a regular venue for Cooper Esteban and an occasional stop for Gary Lutz and for Lish himself. It is published out of the Dallas, Texas area.

Eye Online (Editor: Moi Meme). Online and computer security issues. The most recent of the Virtual Grub Street family of journal/blogs.

Grand Street. (Editor: Jean Stein). Now defunct. One of the premiere late-modernist cultural journals in the country. Very high production quality with square binding and glossy four color photo-laden format. Not at all afraid to use erotic art to sell more substantial work. Guy Davenport, John Montague and W. S. Piero are just a few of the notable names from the literary side. Tres chic.

Haiti Action (Editor: Randall White). A pro-Lavalas, pro-Aristide Haitian advocacy site featuring news and information items.

Jacket Magazine (Editor: John Tranter). The premiere post-modern literary journal on the web. Pretty much everyone who is anyone in post-modernism today has appeared here, including: John Ashbery, Denise Levertov, John Kinsella, Diane di Prima, James Tate, Marjorie Perloff, Jerome Rothenberg, Ron Silliman and Eliot Weinberger. Add scads of pop culture features and literary links and the picture is perhaps half-complete.

Limestone Magazine. Twice on hiatus, following the death of its original editor, this British journal appears to be back for yet another try. It has a sharp new look and a new (but namelss) editor. The format remains the same: poetry, short stories and short essays.

Monadnock Review (Editor: Peter Saint-Andre). Presently in hiatus. Poetry, prose and reviews in a simple and effective format.
The Neovictorian/Cochlea (Editor: Esther Cameron). Saddle-stapled, 8-1/2x11, truly interested in all styles of poetry. Attracts a surprisingly high level of work, publishing the likes of Mark Halperin, Richard Moore and Doctor Joseph Salemi.

Orbis (Editor: Carole Baldock). Square bound, digest format. In a standard issue the reader may find poems by James Kirkup or William Oxley. After an annual formalist competition: Claudia Gary Annis, Rhina T. Espaillat, A. M. Juster and Len Krisak. The 100th number solicited poems from Marvin Bell, Wendy Cope, Dana Gioia, Seamus Heaney, Diane Wakoski and dozens more from among the most popular poets writing in english.

Palm Beaches Review (Editor: Moi Meme). A member of the Virtual Grub Street family of journal/blogs. Largely poetry, translations and book reviews. Also Ted Kooser's syndicated weekly column American Life in Poetry.

The Pedestal Magazine (Editor: John Amen). With its trademark purple backdrop, the equal of any contemporary literary site on the web. The journal has featured interviews and poetry by America's finest poets including Nikki Giovanni, Maxine Kumin, Stanley Kunitz, W.S. Merwin and Sharon Olds.

Poetry International (editor: Fred Moramarco). This journal, out of San Diego State University, became one of the premiere journals in the U.S. almost from the first number, in 1997. The list of notable poets goes far beyond Wanda Coleman, Eamon Grennan, Marilyn Hacker and James Tate.

Poetry Kit Magazine (Editor: Jim Bennett).

Polyphony (Editor: Keith Eckert). A site of narrative poetry and related prose presently in hiatus. Links to related articles. The first two issues posted pieces by Richard Moore and an essay by William Oxley. Fills a valuable niche too little attended to on the net and elsewhere. Presently in hiatus.

Quarterly Literary Review Singapore (Editor: Toh Hsien Min; Poetry Editor: Toh Hsien Min; Short Story Editor: Yeow Kai Chai; Essay Editors: Heng Siok Tian and Lesley Yeow; Review/Criticism Editors: Elaine Foo and Chia Yueh Chin; Acid Tongue: Cyril Wong.) Now defunct. Despite its editors' clear preference for content that bore a meaningful relationship to Singapore, this was a very contemporary English language journal. The poetry was standard, American contemporary, "free verse". The prose, on the other hand, tended to be slightly more grammatical and attentive to linear progression than its American cousins.

Rain Taxi (Editor: Eric Lorberer; Art Director: Kelly Everding). The companion site to the paper-and-ink journal featuring reviews, interviews and essays.
Reviews! Resenas! Recensioni! (Editor: Moi Meme). A member of the Virtual Grub Street family of journal/blogs. Mostly book reviews, some poetry. Home also of the John Keats and Percy Bysshe Shelley pages.

Sidereality (Editor-in-Chief: Clayton A. Couch; Associate Editors: Lewis LaCook, Takuya Murata and Stephen J. Stewart). Couch describes his as "a journal of speculative and experimental poetry". It has published the likes of John Amen, Richard Kostelanetz and Nick Piombino. This journal is presently in hiatus.

SLANT (Editor: James Fowler) Now an old standby. Square-bound, heavy paper, with yellow cover, when it says it publishes a wide range of styles it means it. This poetry-only annual has published Philip Dacey, A. M. Juster, Lyn Lifshin, G. E. Murray, Virgil Suarez and many others.

Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry (Editor: Kenneth P. Gurney). Now defunct. Another of the online journals servicing the Janet I. Buck, Alan Catlin, John Sweet set. The poets presented also include J. B. Mulligan, Catherine Daly and Lyn Lifshin.

Thunder Sandwich (Editor: Jim Chandler). An old standby lately interested in review material, as well. This journal has long serviced the Janet I. Buck, Alan Catlin, Taylor Graham, John Sweet set, as it were. It has just gone from a quarterly to a semi-annual.

TPM Cafe (Editor: Joshua Micah Marshall). Gilbert Wesley Purdy's Blog. (Editor: Moi Meme). "TPMCafe is a public meeting place to read about and discuss politics, culture and public life in the United States. The site hosts both blogs and public discussion areas. "

Valparaiso Poetry Review (Editor: Edward Byrne). The semi-annual online journal of the Valparaiso University Department of English. It has published the likes of Jared Carter, Annie Finch, Brendan Galvin, Alicia Ostriker, Charles Wright and a host of other top names in contemporary poetry.

Virtual Grub Street (Editor: Moi Meme). The flag ship of the family of journal/blogs. Book reviews, essays, translations, computer security and related musings. Scads of links.
Virtual Grub Street Front Page (Editor: Moi Meme). The front page and news and comentary section of the Virtual Grub Street family of blogs.