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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Online Journalism

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II. Online Journalism   

Alberto Cutie Enters the Episcopal Church with Ruhama Canellis by his Side (Article). Biscayne Bay Review Keywords: cameras, Ruhama Buni Canellis, clergy, Alberto Cutie, Deacon, Diocese of Southeast Florida, Bishop Leo Frade, Italian mosaics, media, pews, Roman Catholic priest, transept, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral.

Brokered Republican Convention in '08? (Article). TPMCafe. No longer posted.
Congressional Leadership Knew The
 Catalyzer Journal. Keywords: Rodney Alexander, John Boehner, Congressman, Mark Foley, Dennis Hastert, John Kildee, National Republican Congressional Committee, Tom Reynolds, Roll Call, John Shimkus, Talking Points Memo, Jeff Trandahl.
Context Haiti 05/02/04 The Catalyzer Journal.Keywords: Herard Abraham; Joseph Jean Baptist; Winter Etienne; FRAPH; Gerard Latortue; Raboteau massacre; Jean Tatoun; Ferdinand Wilfort.
Context Haiti: 04/10/04 The Catalyzer Journal.Keywords: Boniface Alexander; Amnesty International; Andre "Andy" Apaid; Civil Society; Caribbean Community Secretariat (CARICOM); cocaine; Wilfort Ferdinand (Ti Will); James Foley; Reynold Georges; Me Alexander Paul; Jesse Lee Peterson; Himmler Rebu; Maxine Waters.
Context Haiti 03/25/04 The Catalyzer Journal.Keywords: Herard Abraham; Henri Bazin; Josette Bijoux; Boca Raton, Florida; Pierre Buteau; Adeline Magloire Chancy; Lamartine Clermont; Council of Sages; Paul Denis; Flashpoints; Bernard Gousse; Adamo Guino; Ariel Henry; International Monetary Fund (IMF); Anne-Marie Issa; Mac Donald Jean; Daniele Magloire; Philippe Mathieu; Miami, Florida; Smark Michel; Organization of American States (OAS); Evans Paul; Christian Rousseau; Daniel Saint-Lot; Yvon Simeon; Paul Emile Simon; United Nations; Leslie Voltaire; Yves Andre Wainwright.
Election 2004 Primer (Part 1): A Matter of Philosophy. The Catalyzer Journal. No longer posted.
Election 2004 Primer (Part 2): A Matter of Approach. The Catalyzer Journal. No longer posted.
Election 2004 Primer (Part 3): The Best Laid Plans... The Catalyzer Journal. No longer posted.
Election 2004 Primer (Part 4): In the Trenches. The Catalyzer Journal. No longer posted.
Election 2004 Primer (Part 5): Cocaine. The Catalyzer Journal. No longer posted.
Florida Anti-Gay Marriage Forces Declare Constitutional Emergency (Article) TPMCafe. No longer posted.
The Florida Democratic Un-Primary Turns Meaningful (Commentary) TPMCafe. No longer posted. Keywords:
Foley Resigns, Much More to Come The Catalyzer Journal Keywords: ABC News, Rodney Alexander, Congress, Congressman, e-mail, Florida's 16th District, GOP, House Page Board, male page, Nancy Pelosi, Thomas Reynolds, Roll Call, John Shimkus, U. S. House of Representatives.
From the Trenches: the Palanca Food Pantry (Article) Virtual Grub Street. Keywords: appeal; Associated Press; banking sector; Ben Bernanke; central banks; court case; credit markets; credit ratings; Dow Jones; electricity, equity markets; Federal Reserve; fixed income; gas; healthcare; Home Depot; homeless; insurance; labor halls; Lake Worth, Florida; minimum-wage; mortgage crisis; panhandlers; safety net; shelter; stimulus package; subcontractors; stock market; tax cut; trailers; unemployment; utilities bills; Westgate Tabernacle; working poor; world markets.
From the Trenches: the Palanca Food Pantry (Article) TPMCafe. No longer posted.
From the Trenches: Primary Experience (Article) Virtual Grub Street. Keywords:
From the Trenches: Primary Experience (Article) TPMCafe. No longer posted.
Gay Republican Congressman Confronted Foley in 2000 The Catalyzer Journal Keywords: Clerk of the House, Korenna Cline, Congressman, Florida, Mark Foley, Karen Hass, Internet, John Kolbe, page, Representative.
Hastert Says He May Have Been Told The Catalyzer Journal Keywords: Congressman, John Davis, e-mail, Mark Foley, GOP, Dennis Hastert, National Republican Congressional Committee, New York's 26th District, Thomas Reynolds, Speaker of the House, teenage boy.
The Little Guy Gets His The Catalyzer Journal. No longer posted.
Man-Boy Love Advocate Accused of Using Wikipedia to Troll for Interested Parties (Article). Rookie Revolyob, Clayboy, Zanthalon, et al: Why is Wikpedia a Pedophile Haven? Eye Online. Keywords:
A Mandate To Do Whooo-wut? The Catalyzer Journal. No longer posted.
Manufacturing Consent The Catalyzer Journal. No longer posted. 
Mark Foley the Day After The Catalyzer Journal. Keywords: 

Mark Foley and the Florida Legislature's Page Program: a Scarey Thought The Catalyzer Journal. Keywords:
Mark Foley Scandal Expands on New ABC Report The Catalyzer Journal. Keywords:
Mark Foley Scandal To Go Nuclear in the Week Ahead The Catalyzer Journal. No longer posted. Keywords:
Miami Cult Member Selling Ruhama Canellis Dot Com (Article). Biscayne Bay Review.
The Revolution Proceeds Apace The Catalyzer Journal. No longer posted. Keywords:
The Theater of Coup: Roger Noriega and "The Opposition" The Catalyzer Journal. No longer posted.
The Theater of Coup: Roger Noriega and "The Opposition" Haiti ActionKeywords: Andre Apaid; Jean-Bertrand Aristide; Rudolph Boulos; Bush Administration; Dominican Republic; Gonaives; Group of 184; Haitian Democracy Project; International Republican Institute; Guy Philippe; Port Au Prince; Republican Party.
The Theater of Coup: Who is Guy Philippe? The Catalyzer Journal. No longer posted.
The Theater of Coup: Who is Guy Philippe? Haiti Action. Keywords: Jean-Bertrand Aristide; Democratic Convergence; Fanmil Lavalas; FRAPH; Group of 184; Haiti Democracy Project; International Republican Institute (IRI); Movement for National Unity; National Endowment for Democracy (NED).
Tom DeLay’s Old Sock Puppet Calls It Quits. (Article). TPMCafe. No longer posted. Keywords: 
The United States On The Road To Being Third World Country (Article). TPMCafe. No longer posted.Keywords:
Where the Strange Worlds of Fundamentalism and Homelessnesss Meet and The Kanawha County Uprising of 1974. The Catalyzer Journal. Keywords: 1974; anti-abortion; Avis Hill; Avis Hill Band; Avis Hill Ministries; Bible; Bishop; Charleston Daily Mail; Constitution; day labor; Fundamentalism; gay sex; homeless; homeless shelter; Florida; Marvin Horan; Kanawha County; Sherry McGee-Hill; minimum-wage; minister; National Coalition for the Homeless; Oasis; Palm Beach County; panhandling; prison; Progressivism; Protestant; public nuisance; realtor; Rhode Island; salvation; scripture; Seattle; Barry Silver; trespassing; Washington; West Palm Beach; West Virginia; Westgate Tabernacle.
Will Poor Market Day Affect Super Tuesday Outcomes? (Article). Daily KosKeywords:
Why This Must Not Be War. The Catalyzer Journal. No longer posted. Keywords:
Why This Must Not Be War. Clamor Magazine. No longer posted.
With Florida Tied Behind Our Back! (Commentary). Virtual Grub Street. Keywords: caucus; Alvaro Cifuentes; Howard Dean; Democrat; Democratic National committee (DNC); Florida Democratic Party; Election Commission; Lane Hudson; Huffington Post; Iowa; Iraq; January 29th; Frank LaMere; Bel Leong-Hong; Nevada; New Hampshire; nominating process; pre-window period; primary; President; Republican; Virgie Rollins; Rules and Bylaws committee; South Carolina; Rick Stafford; swing-state; voter turnout.

With Florida Tied Behind Our Back! (Commentary). TPMCafe. No longer posted.