Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Calls for Submissions" Introduction Page

Only a few pages of the Online Bibliography blog are actually needed for the Bibliography. The remaining pages are pressed into service as the Virtual Grub Street blog family's "Calls For Submission" pages. So you may want to subscribe to the Bibliography RSS (or Atom) in order to get the latest information.

Scroll down the main blog page to see the most recent calls for submissions. The listings will include literary calls as well as calls for visual arts, freelance journalism and academic/professional papers. The calls will often include one-time and annual competitions. As you scroll you will likely come upon the various pages of the Online Bibliography, as well. Some of these pages are quite long but calls for submissions will resume on the other side.

If you wish to have your own call for submissions or competition posted, contact me at A confirming link may be required in order to post your notice. I will process as many calls as time and my many projects allow.